For the past couple nights, I have gone to sleep with the moon as well as awoken to it.

It’s put me in a hella witchy mood.




the starry sky on the himalayas


it works for mobile too!

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my new labradorite has the ocean trapped inside

they sleep on comfortable waterbeds filled with employees’ tears ):

^^^ there is is ^^^

I feel ya so much- I got nothing but good things on my review, but because my sales were only 80% of what they were asking- I got a $0.10 raise. I’m paid the least in my department and I have the most work experience.

:< That is so crappy, I don’t understand how employers sleep at night.

I got a $0.14 raise.

I have all exceptional’s and excellent’s on my review. Because I worked my ass off. And I got 14 cents.

I am literally the only person in the store who is currently fully trained in food ave. I am the only person who can train employees in my area. And I got 14 cents for it. I’m grateful to get anything at all but like idk I feel like I’m worth a little more then a 1.8% increase. 

Target is an awesome company.

But my store is awful.

I made Purrl a flower crown and she loved it <3

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